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  • Are you being sued?

    Have you been wronged by a supplier, partner, former employee, or business contact?

    Has someone breached a contract with you and you need to know what your options are?

    Is the city violating your rights or breaching its duties to you as resident?

    Do you generally have questions about your legal rights?
  • Are you buying a business? Do you need contracts or a corporation for your business? Do you need help with termination of employment? Do you need help understanding a contract? Do you have questions about cannabis laws?

Personalized Attention

Our priority is to make sure you have clarity and peace of mind. We take pride in giving all our clients the personal attention they deserve.

Lawyers You Can Trust

Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate a variety of litigation scenarios and to provide a services to our clients in nearly all aspects of corporate / commercial law.

Partnership Focused

We view every client relationship as a valued partnership. We’re focused on building trust, providing excellent communication and efficient results.

What Makes Us So Different?

Davison Law Group provides experienced legal services in a variety of areas and has helped countless clients achieve success and navigate complex legal issues.  Our 25+ years of experience enables us to find creative solutions for complex situations when warranted. Are you looking for lawyers who are excited by a challenge and will explain your legal issues to you in an honest, comprehensible way? How can we help you with your unique legal problems? The first step is to reach out for an initial consultation and schedule a free call.


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What our customers are saying…

Davison Law Group Went Above and Beyond

My construction company has used Davison Law Group for both our corporate needs and as our corporate trial lawyers. The trial involved a breach of an unwritten contract with a very large company in the construction industry. I always felt like the advice we got was trustworthy and was very happy with how Dean Davison argued our case in court. Although there were some challenges with our case and we were fighting one of the largest general contractors in Vancouver I felt like I could take comfort in knowing that Davison Law Group was acting in our best interests. I can honestly say that Davison Law Group and Dean Davison went above and beyond and looked after our best interests.

A Pleasure To Work With

We have utilized the services of Davison Law Group on many occasions and have always found them to be very prompt, efficient and professional. Even though we are a small consulting practice, they have always given our needs priority consideration. We have always had positive experiences with Dean Davison and his team who are very personable and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Davison Law Group.

Highly Recommend Davison Law Group

I contacted Davison Law Group for an employment issue and I found both Dean Davison and Dale R. North very prompt and professional. I worked primarily with Dale R. North and she is an outstanding lawyer. She carries herself with a commanding confidence, speaks directly and honestly, yet she was sensitive and considerate to my circumstances. She was extremely thorough in her research and provided thoughtful advice. I left our first meeting feeling validated, secure and protected. I actually cried when the proceedings started, she took my case so seriously and I had been dealing with this employment issue for years. I finally felt heard. I highly recommend Davison Law Group for anyone who needs legal support.

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