Francescutti v. Vancouver (City), 2016 BCSC 1191

admin Legal Decisions DLG helped a former sanitation worker with the City of Vancouver bring a human rights complaint against the City on the basis of his wrongful dismissal by the City after they learned of his mental illness.  The City applied to have the complaint dismissed and DLG was successful in having that application denied.

Residential Tenancy Branch Adjudication Decision, 20 June 2016

admin Legal Decisions DLG represented landlords of an apartment building who were brought to a Residential Tenancy Branch adjudication hearing by a former tenancy who claimed he was wrongfully evicted and sought a sizeable monetary judgment in damages.  The adjudicator sided with the landlords and dismissed the tenant’s claim.

M. D. V Minister of Employment and Social Development, 2016 CanLII 59174

admin Legal Decisions DLG won an appeal it brought on behalf of an injured worker who had applied for a disability pension and previously been denied.  The Minister of Employment and Social Development opposed the appeal, but the Appeals Division of the Social Security Tribunal granted it, referring the matter back to the General Division where the disability pension was ultimately awarded.